Our Journey

Our journey began almost 400 years ago aboard Abel Tasman’s ship, The Heemskerk, when European eyes first caught sight of what would become known as Tasmania, on November 24, 1642.

The very same winds that brought Abel Janszoon Tasman here then, blow over this island paradise today and play a vital role in the creation of its unique microclimate.

Climate has always been central to winemaking and the similarities of Tasmania's climate to northeast France, along with the rich and free-draining basalt soils, led the famed Champagne house Louis Roederer to partner with Heemskerk Wines and plant Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines in Pipers River in 1986.

Like Roederer, the Hill-Smith Family recognised the region’s potential to create world-class sparkling wines. They purchased the property in 1998 and set about establishing one of the most highly regarded family-owned sparkling wine houses in Australia, dedicated to making premium sparkling wines, using the traditional Méthode Champenoise for all its vintage wines.

Jansz Tasmania was born.